Word of the week is compromise.

Missing behaviour of the week is co-operation.

There are fewer than 60 shopping days to Brexit.

And we are all losing the will to live.

It is beginning to look as if there is a skill shortage amongst those involved in the enterprise.  The skill in question takes years to learn and perfect, can often be confused with ‘being good’, and is crucial to any project involving more than one point of view.


Co-operation is a sort of social competence. It enables us to work with people with whom we don’t identify, who have a different life experience, and different beliefs.  Complex situations are managed with intensive listening ability, curiosity and a creative conversational approach.

The current debates are not debates, are they.

They are limited set piece conversations that repeat positions and shrink possibilities.

The philosopher Bernard Williams observed a British authority style of conversation often associated with those in or close to power.

He called it the ‘fetish of assertion’.

The result of assertion is automatic defence. The possibility space shrinks.

The philosopher’s advice?

Avoid any ‘position possessiveness’. Leave space for ambiguity and exchange.

Is there still time for some co-operation training do we think?

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