‘Future proofing’ is a beloved phrase in off-site meetings and away days and strategy sessions.

It always sounds hilarious, however many times its repeated.

Can any plan or project be somehow protected from whatever (as in whatever) the future might bring?

Thinking that you are immune from the future, and the changes that are coming, is surely even more dangerous than never thinking about the future at all.

Being certain has a rigid quality, doesn’t it?

Trying to imagine, and then imagining some more, feels more flexible; more open.

Its 3 years since David Bowie died, and recently BBC6 tweeted an interview from 1999 (yes, 20 years ago) between Jeremy Paxman and David Bowie.

David Bowie https://twitter.com/BBC6Music/status/1084588629488488449?s=19

Our genius hero is imagining the future of the internet. Way out there.

Our leaden (certain) interviewer is still extrapolating from the familiar.

David Bowie is looking ahead and seeing – clues to be followed, mysteries to open up, opportunities and dangers that can’t quite be defined.

BowieNet was way ahead of its time.

Perhaps because the mind behind it was far too brilliant to fall into the pedestrian certainty trap of trying to protect against the future.

The opposite of ‘future proofing’?

At the next away day to plan the future, do as the man said, try anything that channels ‘ but he thinks he’d blow our minds’.

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