“Experience is not what happens to you: its what you do with what happens to you”. Aldous Huxley


I think so too.

My experience revealed a growing need for fresh ways to look at the value and possibilities within teams, businesses, and individuals.

The rate of change in all our lives accelerates. Old tools don’t help.

I discovered available business support and consultancy to be

  • too focused on performance – delivery of plans based on yesterday’s understanding and unconscious assumptions;
  • too cavalier – a ‘one size fits all problems’ approach
  • too resistant to asking tricky – helpful – questions

So I founded ChangeChemistry to help leaders and businesses master change and unlock potential: to transform their value.

Top level training in Brands & Brand Relationships, in Business & Business models, in Research & Behaviour, in Innovation & Creativity, at Unilever and top international Advertising Agencies, is great preparation.

Experience across the world in designing and facilitating workshops of any size, studying innovation, studying psychotherapy, studying Gestalt in organisations – and listening to business people across cultures and sectors confirmed the ‘gap’.

Businesses are becoming tougher, and more conformist, environments.
Every enterprise needs a process for reflection, paying attention, and re-valuing in order to understand and grasp real change successfully.

The Change Chemistry approach grows out of certain observations:

  • It’s never about what its about
  • Quality time and attention, without an agenda, will always, always, yield an insight
  • Everyone has what they need inside them: the constant hum and buzz of the workplace just makes it hard to hear
  • All are asked to be more creative and entrepreneurial. And asked to conform, achieve, and follow ‘best practice’. It’s a tension, and help is needed.
  • Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone is more successful and effective when they are

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“For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled” from ‘The Times They Are a-changin’ Bob Dylan, Reluctant Business Guru and Nobel Laueate

Business Credentials: Penelope Hunt MA OXON

Unilever. Grey Advertising, Ogilvy. D’Arcy New York. Leo Burnett. TBWA Madrid. Big Green Door. EuroRSCG. JWT. COI. The Minster Centre. The Gestalt Centre. AC Affiliate. APG.

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