s-l300ChangeChemistry is a fresh and simple insight-generating process to get you back in charge of change.

Transform the value of your team, your brand, and your business.

If you are :

  • keen to inject some energy and generate fresh thinking, encourage creativity and get your mojo back
  • struggling with change (company, brand, team, personal or innovation level) and feeling ‘stuck’
  • trying to align your organisational behaviours and structure with your brand values
  • in a business that is growing amazingly fast and worrying about keeping what’s precious about the smaller you
  • wondering why you and your people don’t work together as well as you would like, why not everyone is fully engaged
  • noodling about a more open culture, embracing more risk and diversity.

then ChangeChemistry is the only place with the alchemy you need.

These questions demand a unique combination of skills.  Penny Hunt brings:

  • classic advertising planning and brand marketing at board level around the world,
  • cross sector experience (Private, Public & Government, and Third sector cultures),
  • organizational change, creative facilitation, coaching and gestalt based therapy

A string of happy clients, from individuals to organization-wide strategic change leaders have called it ‘phenomenal’, ‘a powerful and enjoyable adventure’, ‘incredibly useful’

Are you a novaturient? * You have come to the right place. Call 07977530130

“Life is too short to be little” Disraeli

* ‘Novaturient’: someone who desires change.

Business Data point: Gallup 2013 The Workplace:
30% employees engaged, 52% disengaged, 18% actively disengaged
(If your company were a softball team, only 3 would be playing)