s-l300ChangeChemistry is all about feeling back in charge of change.

We all know these are turbulent times. But how to thrive rather than merely.. survive?

New pressures demand new thinking. We make that happen.
We listen. We create fresh, different, practical ways of generating the insights that will transform performance: and the value of your team, your brand, and your business. You will get your mojo back

You may have been thinking about:

  • never having enough time to think
  • how to inject energy, generate fresh thinking, and encourage creativity
  • feeling ‘stuck’ – so many in the business seem to be struggling with change
  • your culture- not what it was, or needs to become?
  • trying to align organisational behaviours more closely with brand values
  • how it is becoming harder to keep good people
  • why it feels as if not everyone is fully engaged
  • what’s preventing you and your people from working together as well as you
    would like, building a more open culture that embraces more risk and diversity.
  • how your business is growing amazingly fast, yet how to keep what’s precious about the ‘smaller you’

ChangeChemistry is the alchemy you need.

These questions demand a unique combination of skills and experience in enabling productive, accountable, creative dialogue that catalyses results and change.

A string of happy clients, from individuals to organization-wide strategic change leaders have called the process ‘phenomenal’, ‘a powerful and enjoyable adventure’, ‘incredibly useful’

Are you a novaturient? * You have come to the right place. Call 07977530130

“Life is too short to be little” Disraeli

* ‘Novaturient’: someone who desires change.

Business Data point: Gallup 2013 The Workplace:
30% employees engaged, 52% disengaged, 18% actively disengaged
(If your company were a softball team, only 3 would be playing)