I discovered something important about myself and what I get out of work – which is a bit surprising as I have had lots of coaching etc before. But this may be the first time I really addressed the question of how work makes me happy. It was easy, even though you were challenging – a couple of times you gently picked up on something I said and mused on it so that I had to explore it with you. I felt you were totally non-judgmental, and that you brought your own experience into the discussion when it made sense, and not until later in the session when we’d already established some things about me.

Strategic Marketing, NED Single session

It was challenging but safe. If you are reasonably bright you can play a game with these things, but you stopped it and forced and pushed to bring down some barriers.

It’s a practical process, you can see there’s rigor behind it. The balance was good. I didn’t need to know the theory you were using but felt re-assured that if I had a question you’d have the answer. I wouldn’t have wanted that practical part of the process if the person doing it didn’t know their stuff: that was re-assuring.

The real value was that it made me feel some level of emotion and challenged my perceptions. I realize it’s all about self-awareness and making choices, and that to a degree no choice is the wrong one. But after this you can understand better the impact on yourself and others.

FMCG Director

It’s about ‘doing fine’ but knowing there’s potential there. About wanting to reconnect, to somehow unleash what’s there. I genuinely changed the direction of what I’m doing in life as a direct result. It was all done with positive energy, a sense of change was possible.
You really need to be authentic and creative to be a good leader and it would be particularly powerful for people finding the responsibility and challenge of being a leader worrying.”

Think Tank Director

It gives some clarity, a little shove, some help for people who have got bogged down or lost their mojo, who have potential but have lost a little bit of direction, or who have decisions to make“.

Comms Director

Business Data Point : Gallup 2013 : Engaged employees in the UK take 2.69 sick days per year, disengaged take 6.19Pennynewtopflat