Every so often, a conversation doesn’t go quite the way you planned.  But, thrillingly, can reveal something much more interesting instead.

The interview below from Channel 4 News last week shows exactly this sort of delicious outcome.

And the lessons for all of us in any workplace are undeniably clear.

Say what you mean clearly, factually, and thus pleasantly

When making any plan involving the commitment or interest of people with whom you don’t usually work, do remember to communicate, consult and possibly persuade well in advance

Do be ready, if you haven’t remembered to do the above, to be found out.

channel-4-news-logoChannel 4 News

“I think you would mess it all up for us, the way you have messed it all up for yourselves.”

Heidi Nordby Lunde, president of Norway’s European Movement, is sceptical about calls for the UK to strike a Norway-style deal with the EU.


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