image00Penny was magically able to turn our conversations into clear strategic direction and action plans.  And all of us came out of the sessions feeling lighter and more ‘up and at em’ ” Chair of Board (start-up)

…..unlike typical coaching, which sets exogenous goals and pushes you to meet them, these sessions gave me the energy and desire to up my game”. Director

Penny challenged some of the things I’ve been taking for granted and helped me understand that story in a different light and reflect that verbally, physically and mentally”. Comms Director

Penny was great – she was warm and empathetic but no pushover – she challenged some of the things I’ve been taking for granted…” Comms Head

I think it’s for people who have got beyond doing a task well to how to lead well. From manage to lead”. Innovation Director

‘Better the devil that wakes you up than the angel who lulls you to sleep’  Sufi saying

‘Mastering others is a strength. Mastering yourself is true power.’ Lao Tzu