A catalyst

The start point: clients and their businesses are whole and healthy.

You already possess all the resources and skills you need; let’s reclaim them.

When the right questions are asked, real conversations begin, and energy flows again. The trick is to shift old habits and stories, revalue what may have been overlooked, and humanise the business of business.

Penny combines classic brand and leadership tools with creative thinking and psychotherapy techniques. A specially designed flow of semi-structured conversations and workshop sessions will connect with those parts of you, the business or the brand that have been quietly sidelined while adapting to today’s impossibly demanding business environment.

Penny understands brands. She understands people. She understands organisational dynamics.

When change seems just too hard or too frightening, or when problems seem intractable, Penny will design and energetically facilitate sessions with individuals and groups that produce creative breakthroughs.

The end result?

Energy, clarity, understanding, conviction, purpose, opportunity, direction – and a plan.

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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust (who never went anywhere).

“Every one is at least three people: what they are; what they think they are; and what the world thinks they are” Anthony Powell

Business Data point: Forbes 2013 – firms with highly engaged employees have three times the operating margin of those who don’t.Pennynewtopflat