Change Chemistry activities all play to ‘Living and Prospering in turbulent times’

Specifically, Penny delivers:

  • Leadership & Executive team coaching and team building
  • Leadership & Executive individual coaching
  • Brand value, behaviour, and organisational alignment
  • Brand Positioning and Innovation, New Product Development
  • Designing and running workshops
  • Facilitation, business, brand and talent audits

and popularly in 2017:

  • ‘Espresso Thinking’ sessions

‘Espresso Thinking’ Sessions have been designed in response to the most frequent complaints in business today – ‘No time to think’ and ‘No time to have proper conversations’. These sessions are a way to sort out that challenge that you’ve parked in the ‘too difficult’ box.

You and your team, 2-3 hours, barely a morning in the diary: profound attitude shift about the future.

A fast paced, energising, creative strategic thinking and collaboration process,
applied to any team/ brand/ business issue that is frustrating you.  It is designed to unlock all the talent and experience in the room effectively, efficiently and enjoyably.

Working with a group of 8-10, Penny will lead you through a process that opens
minds, defines and reframes the issue, generates 2-3 creative approaches and leaves you (as the clock ticks down) with 5 actions.

Participants submit some short prep – stories around the topic – in advance.

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