N80pxtreeo, I didn’t know either.
It’s an old and out-of-date Dutch word for that strange time in the summer when nothing happens and engagingly trivial news stories appear.

We say silly season.

The Dutch used to say ‘cucumber time’.   (This summer of 2015 actually seems to be ‘Cumberbatch time’, but that’s another story.)

But is the silly season really so silly?

In the last week I’ve seen nothing but wonder come from apparent silliness.

A brand briefing perched in a kitchen (6 year olds on holiday) while my client combed buttercream out of his son’s hair was so lucid and exciting: amazing how doing something loving with your hands loosens up the brain.

An exhibition of sculptures gilded with Tunnocks teacake wrappers (Robert Mach, Turner nominated with brother Robert Mach) revealed the most wonderful new take on familiar objects, and some of the smiliest copy I have ever read in any exhibition notes anywhere.

A completely smoothed out Tunnocks teacake wrapper is a thing of beauty and so like a sheet of gold leaf it seems only natural to use it to gild objects…..

This is dangerous work. Walking a tightrope between art and obesity, creativity and type-2 diabetes, Mach suffers for his Art, consuming huge quantities of sugary treats. He also invites friends and relatives to imperil their health and teeth to provide the raw materials to fulfil his inherited passion for shiny objects. Viewers of the exhibition are invited to take the same risk and deposit any unwanted wrappers at the Gallery.”

A café was temporarily without connectivity. This was Scotland, possibly gentler in disposition anyway, but the fact that the sign said ‘Wi-Fife’ did seem to lessen any tetchiness and cheer us all up.


And what a perfect time to publicise the Ultimate Edible Masterpiece Competition (sponsored by the Art Fund) of 2015 . Rodin may have used cheese too, you know..

Silliness? Inspiration. Hurrah for Komkommertijd.


Tunnocks gilding by PH after R Mach