Fitter, faster, thinner: stop reading now if any of your sidling into 2017 thoughts and resolutions include these words.

Truly, stop.

Looking back over the weirdness and unexpectedness that was 2016, I can find few situations that got better when participants employed a competitive, high octane, gain- focused approach.

‘Less is more’?

It seems such gentle and wise advice when applied to – stuff, or design, or any situation where quality v quantity are visible trade-offs.  But it might be better applied to levels of activity and busy-ness. We’re all going to need some sort of antidote to the accelerating demands of relentless self- improvement, performance, betterment with which work and society manage to ensnare us.

The anxious questions appear.

But wont everything pass us by if we slow down? Won’t we….er…..‘lose out’?

One beautiful story in 2016 provided an answer from nature.  (A suitably alien and non-cuddly area of nature, admittedly)  A 400 year – old shark was found swimming slowly and majestically in Greenland.

No early morning runs, strict diets, ambition, or self denial was involved.  The large shark moves very, very slowly. The speed ‘of a crawling baby’ said one of the marine biologists on the team. Its Latin name is ‘Somniosus microcephalus’ -little sleepy head. It has the slowest swim speed, by size, of all fish species.

This message seems pretty clear.

Slowing down could be the new speeding up.

A deceleresolution for 2017.