A constitutional crisis, shock then anger, no way out.

Brexit life begins.

An early casualty of last week’s referendum was surely – as with war – truth.

Can words (either side) ever again be believed?  As words are traduced, then images and metaphors leap into life.  Just as in our everyday working lives, it’s the colourful, naughty, funny images that cut through any amount of misleading official statements. Here are three descriptions of what happened on June 23rd. Two from journalists, one from a writer, they all appeared within 72 hours.

“This is like having a headache and then shooting off your foot.
No foot. And you still have the headache”

“Johnson and Gove wore the expressions of people at an auction who,
having made a spectacularly extravagant and jokey bid, see the
auctioneer’s gavel finally fall and commit them to the sale”

“Gove spoke like a man who had just woken up from a bad trip to discover
that he had murdered his brother”

Words and meaning can become untethered at times of fear (and loathing).  Images, metaphors and symbols cut right through it all.  And might just reduce the misery.