Penny Hunt and Change Chemistry logo imageEvery so often a day brings a theme so strong it is impossible to ignore. I’m still noodling on it actually, to check that I’ve fully understood. The theme yesterday was ‘gut’.

(‘Yuck’ you whisper under your breath)

It started in a tube carriage where a young person kept telling his companion to stop being such a ‘misery guts’.

At the café a business colleague talked to me of his ‘gut feeling’ about a project on which we’re working.

A group working on a table next to us paused in the middle of a heated discussion, at which point the team leader began absently to rub his tummy as he said ‘Just not sure about this. Just a gut reaction.’

A message on my ‘phone retrieved later included the words ‘I had a gut instinct to call you today’.

(Is there a day in November called ‘gut day’, I began to wonder as I flicked through the diary to check?)

I fell into conversation with a retired gentleman in the café and things became even weirder.

He had spent time in his younger days travelling around the world collecting aphorisms and wisdom from different cultures.

Image from Penny Hunt's blog

He had once had the chance to talk to a North American Medicine Man who was very, very, very old. Speaking through an interpreter, my conversation companion had asked ‘What is the most important thing you have learned about healing people in your long life?’

There was a pause.

‘Never drink an iced drink on a hot day on an empty stomach’ intoned the interpreter.

‘But I wasn’t asking for a remedy, I was asking about the wisdom he had gathered’ my conversation companion had then said, rather tetchily.

‘Please ask again’. Another pause.

‘Never drink an iced drink on a hot day on an empty stomach’ repeated the Medicine Man in his language, and the interpreter in ours.

After a pause, more was added.

‘If you have a bad belly, you cannot help anyone else’ came the post-script.

A bad belly.

Well, dear colleagues: nothing should be added to a thought so simple and powerful.

I can only wish you’ good belly’ in all your dealings with others – and yourself -today.

Image 2 from Penny Hunt's blog