This Scottish word rarely makes it south of the border.

It means ‘to divest’ or ‘to sell the contents’ and refers usually to farms or houses.

One definition includes ‘to deprive’.

Glance at the news, or inside any business in cost-cutting turmoil, and it would be difficult to find a better description.

The conjured image is of an empty shell of a building; of discolouration where active machinery once stood; of loss.

A CEO in the news today was known as a superhero for his ability to ‘turn around’ car businesses.

He has been arrested for financial misconduct. Nissan and Renault shares have fallen.

How is the reputation for business success superpowers reconciled with financial misconduct?

Last week Stan Lee, the heart beat and co-founder behind the huge multi media success of Marvel comics died. His stock in trade was ….superheroes.

And he was creating, creating, right up until his last moment.

It looks as if our business titans aren’t superheroes at all.

Very little creating.

Just lots of displenishment.