A harmless and enjoyable way to while away an odd moment is to set the mind to thinking up useful words – where none currently exists – to describe experiences we all recognise.

(’Spinking, for example, could usefully describe that moment when you realise that a private thought has been spoken – so ill-advisedly out loud.)

David Davis may find after today that he has given his name to that moment when the listener passes through frustration to the point of simple ‘oh, just stop pretending’.

Perhaps it could be used .he reached the Davis point at the third denial’.

This Secretary of State described his Department’s most recent Brexit proposal earlier today as intentionally lacking clarity: employing ‘constructive ambiguity’.

To revel in such an odd oxymoron is alarming.

Where were the advisers?

It’s nonsense, isn’t it?

In any responsible consultancy or coaching practice, lies the idea of Supervision. Professional and disinterested colleagues will meet to review and discuss others’ issues in a conscious structured process of advice and ‘course correction’.

One of the main characteristics of the process is ’constructive clarity’.

Colleagues challenge constructively, seek to understand more fully, and help to refine and improve the thinking.

CEOs, responsible Leaders, Team Builders talk often of the time and great care they take in finding a forum where such a process can take place – objective, constructive challenge that sheds light and makes their thinking better. 

We need to introduce the concept of Supervision to our beleaguered Statesmen and Stateswomen quickly.

It’s such a simple process.

All that is required is that one of a group of brave, objective, clear and independently minded professionals begin the discussion with, say, could you repeat that?