Any self-respecting (or could that be self-regarding?) leader favours a selection of action, success and value words as the core of their Leader-y vocab.

‘Transparency’ always features. Sometimes coupled with ‘complete’.

Its hard not to conclude that transparency is the key quality missing from current public life.

We are inundated with news of obfuscation.

Home Office cruelty to eject elderly citizens, anti-Semitism, knife crime, data theft and abuse – all involve layers of denial and finger pointing.

Clarity is hard to find.

Rather than lower our spirits or unwittingly slip into preachy unhelpfulness, how about a film about glass-blowing?

This beautiful old Dutch short film, made in 1958, is gorgeous.

It is packed with metaphor to remind us what hard, hard work transparency is.

Strength, focus, skill, attention, patience, vigilance and togetherness is involved in glass blowing.

And in transparency.

Glas from Aeon Video on Vimeo.