Natural Chemistry

Aldous Huxley wrote “Experience is not what happens to you: its what you do with what happens to you”.

After a long and fun career as a successful advertising planner – many markets, different business cultures, living and working around the world – I built ‘what happened’ into a new business tool to help leaders and businesses master change and unlock potential.

I was trained to understand everything about Brands, Brand relationships, and Business at Unilever and top international advertising agencies.   I was trained to be an effective planner by some of the most creative professionals in the world: don’t get sucked into the scrum, stay slightly outside, ask the real questions everyone wants to ask. Find the strategic truth then reframe it to identify and grow value.

As businesses became tougher places, as more was asked of everyone, I could see that some place or process for reflection and attention and real change was needed – in every business setting.

I mastered creative problem solving and reframing techniques, designing and handling workshops of any size, and studied psychotherapy, especially Gestalt. I experienced personally the transformative power of a structured approach to change that integrates strategic, creative, and psychologically sound therapeutic thinking.

I believe Change Chemistry is needed because some way of exploring the following truths is needed :

It’s never about what its about
Quality time and attention, without an agenda, will always, always, yield an insight
It may be an output world, but input and style is increasingly judged too

Everyone has what they need inside them: the constant hum and buzz of the workplace just makes it hard to hear

While on one hand everyone is asked to be more creative and entrepreneurial, on the other hand they are asked to conform, achieve, and follow ‘best practice’. That’s a difficult tension, and there’s no-one to help.

Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone is more successful and effective when they are

“For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled” from ‘The Times They Are a-changin’ Bob Dylan, Reluctant Business Guru and Nobel Laureate

Business Credentials: Penelope Hunt MA OXON
Unilever. Grey Advertising, Ogilvy. D’Arcy New York. Leo Burnett. TBWA Madrid. Big Green Door. EuroRSCG. JWT. COI. The Minster Centre. The Gestalt Centre. AC Affiliate. APG.