More change, more quickly, than any of us can remember. Don’t just let things happen to you.

Call Change Chemistry: get more optimistic, more flexible, and feel more in charge.

Brexit is gathering us all up in an unfolding drama of surprises and change.  It’s a crisis, right? That means opportunities will follow. Or will they?

BREXIT crisis or opportunity
The idea of opportunity emerging from crisis, trauma, or rapid change is a theme across cultures and mythologies. John F Kennedy’s quote (1959) that the Chinese word for ‘crisis’ is made up of ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’ is repeated endlessly.  It’s a lovely idea, but it’s not true. The second character means – roughly -‘incipient moment’ or ‘crucial moment’. *

Why does this matter?

Because in times of rapid change we must actively learn new ways to see the world if we are to recognise opportunity.  Changing landscapes demand new perspectives, new eyes, new awareness – and new ‘change’ skills. Yesterday’s viewpoint will only spot yesterday’s situation. Times like this are about unleashing potential, about energy, about looking with fresh eyes, and about experimenting.

That’s what Change Chemistry will deliver for you.

Think Churchill: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’.

Brexit? Flex it.



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