A decade or so ago another hit song started another hit meme.

The phrase ‘Am I more than you bargained for yet?’ might ring a bell.

Like many memes it has finally found its way onto clothing and bags, signalling a gentle decline in its currency.

But perhaps the sentiment, with its original potency, is still relevant.

Many workplace conversations currently revolve around the shortcomings of various recruitment processes.

A sense of disappointment connects these conversations.

Too much conformity, too much ‘ordinary’ amongst the candidates that make it through these dull and risk-averse processes is the conclusion.

The notion of a bargain is at the root of this: pinning down so precisely what is expected, demanded and offered that no surprise or development is possible.

Imagine two scenarios.

Scenario one has the recruiting team recognising a candidate’s qualities and noting that the candidate will ‘fit right in’.

Scenario two has the recruiting team recognising the candidate’s qualities, noting how unusual and special they are, and resolving to use them despite having (as yet) no idea where or how.

Sounds better, doesn’t it?

To get more than you bargained for – in a good way – then Scenario two is the way to go.

Bargains are so predictable.

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