The White Queen told Alice that in her youth she could believe “6 impossible things before breakfast”.

Six impossible things? Piece of cake.

Stopping believing in something that has always seemed unassailably true is much tougher I reckon.

I lay before you: a team workshop using female archetypes, an Irish referendum result, and an animated film.


In Jung ‘s collective unconscious live the archetypes that drive or inform or influence our instinctive and unlearned patterns of behaviour: images and stories playing out in our psyches and lives. In a professional context, they can be a truly helpful way of understanding a situation and of finding new narratives. Female archetypes are famously exploited by storytellers and filmmakers and include descriptions such as.…amazon, father’s daughter, lover, maiden, mother, queen, huntress, sage, mystic, survivor….. We can find ourselves somewhere in there, can’t we?


The stories that won the day in Ireland on Friday seem to me to transcend all of them.

After seeing the indescribably beautiful and perfect film ‘The Breadwinner’, that archetype list again just falls short.

Does a ‘patriarchal bias’ extend …..even to the most widely accepted model of our human unconscious?

Not so impossible.

What a great development for #metoo, to rediscover and rewrite female archetypes.

Time for #whotoo.image2




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