Scurrilous, but funny: a team member described the CEO as ‘leading with a capital ‘L’’.

And everyone knew what he meant.

The review of a TV drama the next day spotted a weakness and described a (well known) actor as acting with a capital ‘A’.

A colleague yesterday, while trying to talk near some impressively loud co-travellers,
wondered whether they had ‘indoor voices’ they could use instead.

A lovely person coming to coaching, while operating in an unnecessarily bullying climate, described his boss as always doing ‘important walking’.

It may be the election; it may be a general sense of being overwhelmed; it may be that some universal ‘volume dial’ has at last, in a post ironic way, been turned up to 11.

But experiential evidence suggests that there is a disturbance in the force.
Too much ‘how does I look’ (or sound): too little watching and listening.

The thought for the week is simple.

Lower case living: give it a go.

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