If serious top flight journalists call this ‘the silly season’ then I think we can all feel we have permission to do our part and contribute to the gaiety of the nation.

Contributors to ‘The Idler’ are big players on the lightness of heart and intensity of enjoyment front, and there are some fine ideas this year by Ben Moor for the World Congress of Idle Sports. Pointless Games.

While Cobbled Court Tennis and Badminton in Armour are cinematic in their possibilities, there is one pointless sport that I think deserves to be taken –well, seriously.  Imagine playing a game of golf. (This is difficult enough for me, I am ytrops, the reverse of sporty).

Imagine that the location of the hole is unknown.  The hole could, in fact, be absolutely anywhere on the course.  Does it even exist at all?

What might the rules now be for such a conceptual and elusive game?

What might be the best way of playing it?

It would be well named ‘Mystery Golf’, would it not?

Fresh – or jaded – from a long management change project, I find myself unable to get a certain thought out of my head this summer.

Isn’t much of what we carefully and loyally call ‘leadership’ rather like being invited to join …..a game of mystery golf?

Have a lovely summer.

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