Y80pxtreeou’ll never look at a box of Jenga blocks in the same way again.

In a delicious sequence from ‘The Big Short’, the imminent collapse of the American housing market is demonstrated by a creepy looking Ryan Gosling.

Before sub-prime entered everyone’s vocabulary. The Jenga demo, with unchallengeable low-tech logic, un-covers what has been hidden.

As the story of those in the US who forsaw the crash of 2007/8 hits a cinema near you, current UK news headlines become a seamless part of the film’s marketing campaign. It’s all about financial judgment, less than a decade later, all over again. Economists and leader writers debate the true state of our economy’s recovery.


That rings a bell.

As a self confessed sci-fi fan, let me recommend Matt Haig. A book of his a couple of years ago – The Humans – took a familiar ‘what would an alien on earth see?’ thread and followed it to different, enriching, conclusions.

A tiny detail in the hero’s coming to terms with human foibles and habits was the use of the word ‘recover’. It seemed clear to him that humans are obsessed with covering themselves. Literally, and metaphorically.

The word recover was, to him, re-cover.

Re-covery may be about returning to a familiar and safe place of…. being hidden.

I never did like that crashing sound of falling Jenga blocks.

The theme for me this week will be un-covery.

2 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO UN-COVERY

  1. Brilliant post this week — the way we frame our aspirations shapes our future. Maybe what we had isn’t what we should be trying to recover at all. Thanks for such thought provoking writing!


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