E80pxtreeverywhere feels kind of quiet. No sign of the usual stampede to gyms and weight loss classes, no sign of a tidal surge to the sales. And fewer perky ‘let’s start where we left off’ emails than I remember.
So just when it felt safe to go back into the water, Mr Facebook pokes us with the sort of new year resolution that trumps us all.
(Wager no 1 of the new year: The everyday meaning of ‘Trump’ will change during 2016)
Mark Zuckerberg, who’s previous new year resolutions have included learning Mandarin, is going to build a House Robot to help run his home and to look after his baby daughter.
You find yourself looking down at your to-do list and feeling so much smaller, don’t you?
But hang on a minute.
A ‘something’ to help you run your house.
Our homes, our ‘houses’ are of huge significance.
The home is an ancient and enduring metaphor for the self, common to nearly all languages.
Mind palace, the house of the mind, the body as a house, furnishing the mind, body as temple…the list goes on. It isn’t an abstract or academic metaphor. We use the idea consistently. Where we live – and often by extension where we work – symbolizes our own selves.
I looked down at that list again and felt better.
In every team or brand or organisational challenge I come across we will eventually find that some element of missing accountability – of not taking responsibility – is at the heart of the problem. (Sometimes it’s unconscious, sometimes not)
So in one sense, Mr Zuckerberg is aiming to devolve responsibility, to give away some of himself. Who will be ‘at home’, in his home?
Suddenly the previously mundane to-do list seems completely joyous.
And only one resolution on there, to do exactly the opposite of what Mr Facebook is suggesting. Take full charge of your own ‘home’.

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