B80pxtreeig discussions in the café about the Great British Bake Off final; a tiny indication of how deeply the programme is loved, how successful it is, how it entrances so many.

Brushing some crumbs from the table, it seems obvious to ask..…

What is there to learn from the Great British Bake Off that helps teams and individuals do brilliantly in business?
Journalists and reviewers try to analyse the magic. They report how many times the programme format was initially rejected, how the early series were ever so slightly creaky, how the whole beautiful confection took a while to get into its stride.

There must be lessons for us.  Here are some suggestions.

  • They will work even better accompanied by lightly whipped buttercream and homemade jam. Obviously.
  • Respecting technical skills.
  • Isn’t it heart-warming to see the nods and murmurs of approval that contestants give to each other’s work and skill? And they are contestants, competing with each other.
  • Carefully spoon that much mutual respect into any brand team, and the sky’s the limit
  • Individuality. Within days we viewers could see who liked detail, who liked ambitious projects, who enjoyed pressure and who didn’t. How well do we know and appreciate each other in our teams, how well do we know each others’ preferences, strengths and weaknesses? The same recipe – so many approaches and styles. If a healthy business team could reach such heights of flexibility and tolerance (imagine a tall display of profiteroles here) is there anything they couldn’t achieve?
  • Generosity. Baking is essentially a caring act. The result is ..for others. And that seems to set the tone, doesn’t it? Perhaps a helpful business team motivator might be to imagine more comfort and nourishment for all, that ‘there is always more cake’, and that what we do we are actually doing for others.
  • The Mel & Sue effect. This helps just about every situation, every activity, every project.

What is this effect? It’s finding something ridiculous, silly, or giggly in every situation.

And we all need that.

The Great British Bake Off just keeps on showing how life can be sweeter.
Let’s eat cake.

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