E80pxtreel amanecer
I have always secretly liked this Spanish word for ‘dawn’ because it works so hard. It can be used to ask someone how they slept, or to say ‘wake up’.

(A favourite phrase amongst a Spanish class I took was ‘amaneció reina’ – ‘she woke up as queen’. We were just at that age….)

And beginnings, dawnings, have featured a lot over the last week.
John Hurt starred in a new radio production of ‘Jeffery Bernard is Unwell’ by Keith Waterhouse as JB the talented anarchic roué writer of the Spectator ‘Low Life’ column. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02z0mtk
He describes, in mock obituary style, the time he discovered Soho, when he fell under the spell of Dean St and Old Compton St.  (Or, more specifically, The Coach & Horses: Bells rather than spells.)

“ In 1946 he paid his first visit to Soho, and from that point he was never to look forward.”

‘Never to look forward’.

How poetic, how clever… and how final.

And that thought has been echoed in everyday working life experiences this week – the thought that beginnings are absolutely, indisputably, non negotiably, fundamentally….…crucial.

I offer you on the ‘never looking forward’ side…

– a short course on ‘Engagement’.
Without a welcome, or personal introductions right at the beginning, no one ever really ‘engaged’ with any one else throughout the day.

– a workshop briefing meeting.
Both project owners late, and stressed.
The team never got their arms around what was needed – the conversation had never really ‘started’.

I offer you on the ‘new dawn ‘side…

– a friend’s premiere of a new piece of music. A (shy) band member stepped forward first to tell everyone why it had been written.  Captive audience? Could have done anything with us…

– a new corporate mentoring programme begins.  I received helpful notes about the mentees, previous mentors’ advice notes, a ‘you might be interested in’ reading list, and a wave of enthusiasm. I tell you, I can’t wait.

Note to self. In everything, begin as you mean to go on.

Wake up as queen.

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