T80pxtreehe two main subjects of conversation in the café today are the heat and the tennis. (Well, we are in SW19) And indeed there does seem to be a particularly jolly atmosphere at this early point in the tournament in down-town Wimbledon.

Is the jolliness an accident?

I think there are at least 5 useful tips from how Wimbledon fortnight is run that we can take into the workplace. No practice or tiny white outfits required.

*A little spruce up.

The forecourt of the train station was transformed in a 2-hour period last Saturday. So effective; a modest outlay; passers by not only cheered but also moving in cunningly efficient crowd management patterns.  I went straight back and tidied up the office.

* Light hearted reminders.

The most serious and dull of shop-fronts (so many estate agents!) are wearing a little smile. Nothing too dignity-reducing, mind. There are more oversized shocking pink tennis balls peeping coyly from shop windows than you could shake a tennis racket at.  Small symbols of affectionate subversion and support really make a difference to the mood. They make us feel better disposed towards the businesses, too.

* Ice.

The AELTC has invested hugely this year in players’ comfort and fitness and health by installing ice baths. Exercise science is still a mystery to me, but this apparently helps tired muscles recover super fast.

Miss Sharapova has been praising the club for thinking ‘from the players’ perspective’.  So two little nudges here. Firstly, literally. Employers, it’s going to be a very sweaty week. Is lots of ice laid on? Secondly, have you had a walk round and looked at everything from the employees’ point of view? Please do.

* Colour.

The colours of the tournament (purple white & green) are everywhere and actively adding to the gaiety of the nation. (They are the colours of the Suffragette movement too. The colours denote dignity, purity and hope.  In 1913 there was even an arson attempt by an outraged suffragette. It was stopped by the newly appointed watchman on his first night. )

Colour in the workplace – try it.

* Strawberries.

Titter ye not. I ran a workshop a couple of weeks ago where we placed bowls of strawberries within reach of every one of the 30 or so participants. I think it was a key ingredient to the meeting’s success. There’s something about the luscious, summery, treat-y, juicy sweetness of strawberries that just seems to make everyone feel better. (Yes we did check allergies)

Hmm. An easy guide to increasing happiness in the workplace based on Wimbledon fortnight? Let me see..…

Photo of strawberries at Wimbledon
28,000 kg of strawberries will be eaten during Wimbledon


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