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The Ashmolean Museum uses the words ‘knick knackery’ with quite shameless and delighted confidence when it describes its treasures and purpose.

Doesn’t that word make everything seem magical? From a children’s story, perhaps?

I shall follow suit, and note that posts here during 2014 have been rather ‘knick knackertorial’, too.

Reporting a wide and weird range of topics – linked to something that has come up in my work – played out in everyday behaviour in cafés across London, is bewitching and absorbing to me.  But also amazingly random, as the young people would say.

It may be time to experiment temporarily with a little more structure around a post or two.  And it would be no bad thing to rebalance an increasingly strong impression made on any casual reader that Change Chemistry is but a flimsy front for a movement bent on total, national, caffeine-addiction.

Astonishingly, some work goes on too.

It’s got rather exciting.

You see, during 2104, I started my own quest. 'Are you sitting comfortably?' Penny Hun'ts drawing for her Change Chemistry blog.

Surrounded by evidence and anecdote, steeped in experience, spurred by listening to yet more handwringing, I started my own enquiry into the ‘why aren’t there enough senior women in the workplace’ question.  It turned into understanding how to help men and women work better together, it turned into discovering how to help everyone be the best they can be.

And what did I find out?

That, o best beloved, is a story for next time.


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