Penny Hunt's blog coffee conversationsChristmas time doesn’t half mangle the brain.

Have you noticed lots of slips and trips of the tongue in meetings and everyday conversations recently? Perhaps Christmas is a particularly ripe time for Freudian slips.

Sigmund Freud in Penny Hunt's blog

Freud’s thinking is that in the constant conflict between the conscious and the unconscious, small calling cards of repressed or denied unconscious feelings will make their way to the conscious via a ’slip of the tongue’ or a mistake.

But I think what I am seeing around me looks more like a sort of… jet lag.

The two chums in front of me in the queue at the café yesterday were exchanging stories of success and achievement.
Factoring in a teeny bit of over claim, they had both managed to complete just about all their Christmas shopping online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What might, a decade ago, have taken them a few days physically had been telescoped into a few hours.
Clicking a button sounds so easy.

But a process of weighing up, choosing, self debate, deciding to break that unbreakable spending limit, doubling back, calling to revise.. is still an amazing amount of concentration energy, even if it is expended sitting down.

The mangling begins.

It came to the turn of one of the chums. She pointed at the shelf of flavoured syrups behind the barrista, homed in on the amaretto, and asked for ‘a shot of avocado ‘ in her coffee.

Much laughing.

We think we are gaining time, but it is only a time surplus in the way that a ’plane journey apparently gains time. Jet lag means that you still have to wait for the rest of you to arrive.

Coffee served with a ’70s bathroom suite is just one of many Christmas time slips to have entertained and bemused over the last couple of days.

Penny Hunt's Freudian trip list in her blogA lovely client (a champion of correct grammar) has just reported entering a dental appointment into his organizer under ‘tooth abstraction’.  A colleague reports having a really good ‘inferior designer’ recommended to her yesterday.

I think our individual Random Access Memories are all completely full at the moment.

We’re all doing far too much far too fast.

And the results are a sort of cross between Freudian slips and jet lag.

Freudian trips I guess.

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